How to Choose a Trundle Daybed


Trundle daybeds have experienced a massive surge in popularity in recent years, and it’s no surprise that this multi-functional piece of furniture is making its way into so many homes. From modern apartments, to kids’ rooms and stylish guest areas, why not get the maximum use out of your space while having it look magazine worthy.

How you choose and decorate your daybed, depends on what type you need and how you plan to use it. We’ve put together some stunning ideas for a variety of settings around the home.

These gorgeous and compact pieces of furniture are ideal space-saving solutions for apartments, bedrooms and rooms that serve more than one purpose, like a study/guest room. Here are some tips to help you pick the best fit for your home without compromising on comfort and style.

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Lounge Areas and TV Rooms

The appeal of a daybed in a lounge is the luxury of having an over-sized couch. The seating area is 38 x 75 inches of “lay back and relax” comfort. For a daybed that is an attractive centerpiece for a lounge or TV room, our recommendation is an upholstered daybed for its softer and more sophisticated look.

If you prefer a metal or wood daybed, it is important to cover the back rest with a collection of plump pillows to make it more comfortable. Just don’t overdo it, you don’t want to make the daybed feel cluttered.

Pick out an assortment of cushion sizes and colors that tie in with the decor of the room.

Open Plan Apartments and Lofts

For this setting, a backless daybed it our favorite. This type of daybed can float in a room and does not have to be positioned against a wall. The style is mostly upholstered with leather or fabric.

A backless daybed is an ideal option for larger spaces like living rooms or lofts if you want to create an end to a seating area, without visually blocking off the space. Plus, it stores whatever you need in the neat roll-away draw.

Add comfort to the open-backed daybed with side bolsters and pillows. If you want to add softness to the seating area, a throw can be wrapped around the middle of the daybed mattress with the ends tucked in. Alternatively, simply drape a throw over one of the arm rests to make it more welcoming.

Kids Bedrooms

The best fit for a kids bedroom is a wooden daybed. With the limitless energy of most children, it is wise to invest in a sturdy bed that can handle jumping and those extra knocks and bumps.

There are also various trundle daybeds that offer additional storage drawers in the trundle area which is great to keep a child’s room looking a bit more organized.

Did someone say sleepovers? By this stage we hope that air mattress and pump are long gone. This is the ideal solution for kids and tweens entering the sleepover stage of their social life. The trundle can easily be made up for guests. Simply roll it out, add pillows and blankets, and you’re set.

Dorm Rooms and Studio Apartments

Couch by day, bed by night. In this setting, all three popular styles of trundle daybeds (wood, wrought iron and upholstered) can work perfectly.

A fitted mattress cover is the ideal “life hack” for transitioning between day and night. Pillows and blankets can be stored in the trundle or tucked away under the mattress cover.

Avoid using a bunch of loose bedding and sheets. Place the bed pillows at the back and build up the smaller, more decorative pillows to the front. This way, you create a polished ”boutique hotel” style.

Sun Room or Reading Room

If you have a warm, cozy room that’s screaming for a daybed, then depending on your personal preference, a wooden, metal or upholstered daybed could be the perfect match.

Should the area get a lot of sun exposure, then choose a fabric that will not fade. With wood, be sure to treat it from time to time to ensure it does not crack.

Pillow selection is key for comfort, you want to have a combination of firm and soft pillows. Firm pillows are good for propping yourself up while studying or reading, and soft bed pillows are great for napping. Down-filled pillows are generally softer so we’d recommend these for the latter.

Have a side table within reach to put down a book or a cup of tea.

Patio Escape

A daybed converts a sunny patio into the ultimate relaxation spot. Both metal and wooden trundle sofa’s work for an outdoor patio and are easy to wipe down when dusty. A waterproof mattress cover is a worthwhile investment to avoid water or sun damage.

The trundle can be used for kids or pets who love to stay close and play. A patio retreat is an excellent spot for curling up with a great book or taking that after-lunch Sunday nap.