Hi! I’m Shawn

As a stay-at-home-dad, I’ve had to find new and inventive ways to balance parenthood and modern living.

I wish the words “Trundle Bed” had become part of my vocabulary the moment my son was born. As he never slept through a night (emphasis on never), this would have made sleeping in shifts so much easier.

Because of limited space, the fold out couch in the nursery had to be packed away daily, and this was more effort than a tired mom could handle.

Time for a Change!

Discovering the Trundle Bed… This simple piece of furniture has walked the distance, and adapted to be the perfect companion as our family has grown. Who knew that a piece of furniture could bring such relief to us and excitement to our son as he’s gotten older.


After our trundle bed replaced our dinosaur of a sleeper couch, it’s simple functionality helped create a workable routine. On nights when my son was sick, sleeping next to him made recovery from colds and flu infinity easier. All in all, life got easier!

An Ongoing Obsession

This was the start of my trundle obsession, and the end is nowhere is sight. This trundle passion has grown larger than me.

My admittedly “excessive” interest has resulted in the creation of  Trundly.com, which is dedicated to providing readers with EVERYTHING they need to know about this multi-functional bed design.

Our goal is to help you choose the best fit for your single, growing or other family situation. The infinite benefits of this genius piece of furniture is covered in detail in our website. Our Trundly team look at all the pros, cons and other aspects that make one bed superior to the next.

We know our stuff and hope to make your trundle journey as fulfilling as my own!